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Investment Management

Max build creates and manages a diverse selection of direct and indirect investments across multiple disciplines and industries in Bulgaria and EU through Max build`s subsidiaries.

The company`s strategy is to bridge the east and the west, to raise its profile and to expand its investment activities.

ATAMAN-1 delivers high performance renewable energy solutions to the residential, commercial and utilities segments, and targets project development in selected segments. The company is researching solar, wind and geothermal technologies and finding smarter ways to generate and distribute energy for our homes and industry. With rising electricity prices, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources are becoming an increasingly valuable and necessary part of the world's energy mix.
The whole business of "Ataman" is focused on a mission: making a clean, renewable energy affordable and accessible in Bulgaria.
Great science is the foundation. Getting it out there is the aim.
ATAMAN-1 includes lifecycle environmental considerations when designing products.
The aim is to minimize waste and pollution in every aspect of the manufacturing, delivery, sourcing, usage and decommissioning of the products. ATAMAN-1 has well established relationships with Bulgarian and international research institutions, universities, governments and industry.
ATAMAN-1 provides a range of partnering and technology transfer arrangements. The company actively seeks to develop partnerships and joint venture relationships to meet the needs of industrial, research and commercial collaborators.

Advance Project Consult is a modern, stable and prosperous Bulgarian company, well positioned on the Bulgarian market with main business consulting and services in the field of business, finance, investment, law, institutions, management, marketing and advertising.
The company provides a wide range of comprehensive services that meet professional standards of the highest level.
The main areas in which the specialists of the Advance Project Consult apply their extensive experience and knowledge are:
- Financial, credit and investment counseling;
- Implementation of management systems;
- Develop project proposals to apply for funding for all national, European and international grants in the field of renewable energy;
- Identify, recruit and implementation of negotiations with potential project partners;
- Application and project management for business funding programs of the European Union;
- Preparation of concession analysis, assessments of environmental impacts;
- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy;
The experience in the local market and the high skill are the recommendation of the Advance Project Consult as a partner in Bulgaria for companies operating internationally.

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