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"Chiflikat" arises from the vision of its founders, who believe that the combination of experience and knowledge of Bulgarian agriculture with new management techniques and financial structuring is the key to building a new kind of agricultural company that can grow successfully in a changing and increasingly competitive industrial environment. The team begins with the acquisition of land to develop its own property. The focus is on the crop, the livestock and the horticulture. Now, the company develops and manages land and other property, including residential, social housing, shopping centers with mixed use, industrial warehouses and supports the main activities with a range of specialized subdivisions such as crop insurance, finance and accounting, tax, programs and policies for farms, agricultural software, etc.

"Stonehenge" is a rapidly growing, modern company specialized in the processing of inert materials and carriage of passengers and goods at home and abroad.
"Stonehenge" has strong market positions and established strong and long-term partnerships based on proven loyalty and honesty.
"Stonehenge" relies on the accuracy, correctness, professionalism and competitive prices for customers.
A variety of manufactured aggregates helps the company quickly gain positions of the aggregate market in Bulgaria. In Production list of "Stonehenge" are microsilica production of dry building mixtures, additional material for concrete solutions (felt and sand), sand for lime building mortars, ballast for road foundations, additional material for bituminous mixtures and surface treatment and others.
Part of the structure of "Stonehenge" is a transport direction, which is also very well developed "Stonehenge" is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in providing services and innovative business solutions for transport. For greater convenience to customers the company has different size buses and goods vehicles. "Stonehenge" offers freight at home and abroad based on a fast, reliable park, honesty and quality services, fixed dates of the departure and the delivery, a short term, competitive prices and consistent information about the location and movement of the cargo.
The company has achieved many positive results in the field of transport services for passenger transportation with new and modern vans and buses. They are equipped with all comforts and amenities to passengers to feel comfortable and safe and to have a pleasant travel.
The "Stonehenge staff is young and ambitious, always offering competent and rational solutions in the transport of passengers and cargo and organizing national and international carrying.

"ZEOLIT" is a dynamic Bulgarian company specialized in the following areas: exploration, extraction, processing and marketing of non-metallic minerals with particular strengths in zeolite sector.
"ZEOLIT" ensures effective, integrated and long-term utilization of mineral resources in the country in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development, environmentally friendly, safe for the life and health and in harmony with other businesses, geological and mining production.
"ZEOLIT" offers a first in commercial paper zeolite and is named after its –a mineral announced by the World Organization for Scientific for the mineral of the XX century!
Striving for lasting and long-term development motivates "ZEOLIT" team is able to combine the tradition in prospecting, exploration and mining activities with the implementation of the most modern methods and equipment in the seeking-exploration and the mining activities.
In the fierce competition with imports of raw materials "ZEOLIT" marks a completely new development aimed not only to satisfy the domestic market of quality raw materials but also the manufacture of products for export.

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